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Parent and Child


Why do I need a referral?

If you get a referral from a physician, the cost of your initial consultation is covered by OHIP.


Do I need any testing prior to referral?

No. We are happy to arrange all testing.  If you have completed any testing in the past, please ensure they are forwarded to our office.


Do you do donor insemination?

Yes, we are equipped to do donor inseminations for single women, LGBTQ couples and couples with sperm factor problems.


Is there a maximum age?

For women over the age of 43, the donor egg program is the only effective treatment plan.

My family doctor sent a referral. How long before I receive an appointment?

You will receive an appointment notification either directly or through your primary care provider within 2 to 7 business days. Due to call volumes, please do not call NEOWHN. 

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